Project Portfolio

At Square1, we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of projects we’ve worked on over the years. Having worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, we’ve developed extensive expertise in a variety of industry verticals. Between our development and consulting work, we’re well-placed to solve whatever problem you’re having with your digital business.


Hyundai Motor Co. partnered with Stripe and Square1 to develop a web portal that unified payment management for their French operations, addressing the complex payment flows and providing real-time insights into transactions.

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HotPress, a renowned music and politics magazine, partnered with PublisherPlus and Square1 to overcome the challenges of transitioning to a digital content provider. With a custom solution, HotPress streamlined their content creation and management processes, enhanced reader engagement, and successfully monetised their content, generating new revenue streams.

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SayTV, a leading digital platform in the sports industry, collaborated with Square1 to develop a state-of-the-art SDK solution that transformed the mobile entertainment experience for their users. This strategic alliance has helped SayTV maintain a competitive edge, enhance user engagement, and solidify its position as a leader in the digital sports industry.

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Team is Ireland's leading breaking news website. We worked with the BreakingNews team to migrate their website to our Publisher Plus platform, which offers faster page load speeds, more effective ad serving and a greater focus on SEO.

Today FM

Today FM, one of the most well-known names in Irish radio, commissioned us to design & develop a cleaner, more aesthetically elegant and mobile responsive website. The new design and layout that includes graphic elements, fonts and colours that are more fitting to the Today FM brand is fully integrated with Google DFP ad serve, which allows them to fully control over-site-wide sponsorship integrations. Real time radio streaming with playback and podcasts are also fully integrated into the new system.

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Wenabi is a charitable engagement platform. It enables companies to facilitate employee giving and volunteering for a wide range of charitable causes. We worked with Wenabi to rethink how on-site donations are managed. As a company that operates globally, particular consideration was given to managing aspects such as currency conversion and foreign exchange costs. Using Stripe's Connect product, we designed a flow that simplifies the management of payment flows for the Wenabi team, with donations flowing automatically to charities, reducing administrative overhead for the Wenabi team.


Crowdcube is a British investment crowdfunding platform. We worked with them to optimise their payment management flow to meet Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements. Adapting their payment flow ensured that they continued to offer a clean and efficient payment process, while complying with the latest payment directives.

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Silicon Republic

Silicon Republic is one of Europe's leading online technology news publications. It has over half a million page views each month, and shows no signs of slowing down. It has become the go-to destination for people looking for information about technology and innovation in Ireland, Europe and beyond. Having worked with Silicon Republic for a number of years, we have developed their website, and provided consulting and support services.


Moovingo is an innovative platform for selling property in Ireland. They offer a more convenient and cost effective process for buying and selling property. The site has been designed to be fully adaptable in both look and functionality, and offers all key features across all devices. An integration with Salesforce allows the Moovingo team to have comprehensive reporting in their existing tools, along with a functional public-facing website.


The most influential publication in the grocery and consumer goods retailing sector in Ireland, Checkout has been in operation for nearly 40 years, during which time it has established itself as the leading source of news, information, market and industry data for the Irish grocery sector.

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Press and Media

Square1 has developed several solutions for online publishers. Over the last few years, we have designed and worked with leading publishers in the UK and Ireland. With our help you will be able to monetise your content, while ensuring that your audience can reliably access your content when they want, on the device they want.

In this sector we have implemented solutions for high value clients such as TheBursar, The Irish Times,,, The Southern Star,, Bauer Media, and many more.

Companies and Startups

At Square1, we want to help turn the excellent ideas of any company or start-up into products that fit the needs of the market. We bring your idea to life, helping you to get to market quickly, and start to achieve real results. We provide a variety of digital services and solutions, delivered by our professional digital transformation team.

In this sector we have serviced and implemented solutions for high value clients such as Recruit Ireland, Heineken, Confetti, Wenabi, Skillnet Ireland, UX Design Institute, Zendfast, Ding, Digicel, Goal, Tvadsync and many more.


We’ve developed a number of high profile e-commerce solutions, online payment portals, and comprehensive reporting around these projects. With our deep knowledge of the payments ecosystem, and experience in a variety of industries, we’re uniquely-placed to help drive your online revenue growth.

We do this through the incorporation of e-commerce modules in online businesses, bespoke development of e-commerce solutions, and integration of conversion-optimising payment funnels. In this sector we have provided services and implemented solutions for high value clients such as Hyundai, Campa,, Appliances Delivered, Done Deal, The GAA.

Proptech / Real Estate

Our team has extensive knowledge in the online real estate sector. With a relentless focus on usability, as well as the unique challenges of online real estate, we've developed a number of proptech solutions.

In this sector we have provided services and implemented solutions for high value clients such as,, Moovingo, and House and Home Magazine.


Our company has worked, designed and developed some of the best known digital sports projects in the United Kingdom, Ireland and France. We boost competitiveness through digital innovation to connect, inform and guide consumers of sports content. We've developed a number of solutions which tightly integrate content platforms with payment methods, giving content owners total control over sponsorship integrations.

In this sector we have provided services and implemented solutions for high value clients such as Rory McIlroy, Offtheball, The GAA, Glasgow Rangers, and

Online Payments / Fintech

We've developed online payment solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. Our extensive experience across all levels of the payments stack was recognised in 2018 by us being named the first Stripe Certified Partner.

Having worked extensively with online payments, marketplaces, complex subscription billing integration, physical payments, and payment regulation, our team are experts at navigating the challenges of growing revenue.

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